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Job Tracking for Construction Software: Overview

Job Tracker is an easy-to use Job Tracking Software application for the Construction industry. Use it for job tracking, job costing, estimating, scheduling, service tickets and more. Job Tracker is a fully-integrated powerful multi-user tool that is designed to help you stay on top of your growing construction related business. Job Tracker has a great number of handy features, reports and forms to get you the information you need when you need it. Best of all, it's affordable too and starts with a 30 day free evaluation.

What follows is a partial list of Job Tracker features. There are many others in the application. But if there are features that you would like, then we can customize Job Tracker to suit your needs and your business.

User License: $500 per user.

System Requirements
  1. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or newer
  2. 512 MB RAM or more recommended
Job Tracker Scalability
  1. Purchase as either Single-User Software or Multi-User Software
  2. Per Seat License
  3. Can be used over a distributed network or over a VPN
Job Tracker Security
  1. User Login
  2. Back-end database secured
  3. Front-end application secured
Job Tracker 2007: Login Form
Figure 1: Job Tracker: Login Form Job Tracker General Features
  1. Frequent usage of Hot Keys for easy data entry
  2. Mouse and Keyboard friendly data entry
  3. Intuitive interface
  4. Frequent use of Excel like datasheets
  5. Frequent ability to sort ascending, sort descending, filter by
  6. Selected On-screen help and Tool Tips
  7. Auto-fill drop boxes
Job Tracker Functional Areas Include
  1. Customer Maintenance
  2. Job Maintenance
  3. Scheduling
  4. Inventory
  5. Service Tickets
  6. Esimates
  7. Job Costing
  8. Job Status Tracking
Job Tracker Export/Import Data
  1. Export and Import to Excel
  2. Export and Import to ASCII or MS Word, etc.
  3. Export and Import to Quick Books and other Accounting Software
Job Tracker 2007: Switchboard Form
Figure 2: Job Tracker: Switchboard Form Job Tracker Customer Form
  1. Track an unlimited number of Jobs per Customer
  2. Track an unlimited number of Customers
  3. View Jobs per Customer
Job Tracker Job Form
  1. Track an unlimited number of Jobs and Job details
  2. See all Jobs at a quick glance
  3. See Job details at a quick glance
  4. Add new Job details on the fly and recalculate totals
  5. View Jobs by Company
  6. 50 User Definable Fields
  7. Job Notes
Job Tracker Job Details Form
  1. Track an unlimited number Job Details per Job
  2. Track Crew, Material Cost, Labor Cost, Total Cost, Price, Discount, Quantity, Total Price, Total Profit
  3. See Job details at a quick glance
  4. Add new Job details on the fly and recalculate totals
  5. View Jobs by Company
Job Tracker 2007: Job Form
Figure 3: Job Tracker: Job Form Job Tracker Invoice Form
  1. Track an unlimited number of Invoices and Invoice Details
  2. See all Invoices at a quick glance
  3. See Invoice Details at a quick glance
  4. View Invoices by Company
Other Forms
  1. Log notes
  2. Sort notes
  3. Filter on notes
  4. One-click e-mail
  5. Short list for other reports
  6. Track the contact type for sales commissions, etc.
  7. See contact notes at a quick glance
  8. Schedule "Call Backs" and other notes
  9. Store multiple phone numbers per contact
  10. Log other family members
Job Tracker 2007: Invoice Maintenance Form
Figure 4: Job Tracker: Invoice Maintenance Form More...
  1. NFI can customize Job Tracker for your needs.
  2. NFI can setup Job Tracker on site for you (though it is very easy to set up yourself).
  3. NFI can train your employees.
  4. NFI can also migrate existing data from Excel and other sources for you.
Job Tracker 2007: Query Maintenance Form
Figure 5: Job Tracker: Query Maintenance Form
Job Tracker 2007: Report Form
Figure 7: Job Tracker: Report Form

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