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Database Overview

Database Developers have built robust database driven software applications for clients in Atlanta, Toronto, Denver and in other cities. At NFI, we design with your goals in mind, but also go beyond that by providing invaluable advice to you so that your database does not only what you want, but is also scaleable in the future. Our Database Developers view their work as a collaborative process and they consider all the components that go towards making your custom-built database efficient and user-friendly, including:

Database Development Tools

Our Database Developers work on several platforms mostly on Windows using a wide variety of languages. Plus, our Database Developers are proficient with MS Access and VB, SQL Server, Oracle, mSQL and mySQL.

We provide the following database development services:

  • Database Design and Interface Design
  • Database Analysis
  • Database Specification
  • User Requirements Testing
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • User and Technical Documentation
  • Training

Sample Database Applications

Count on NFI Database Developers to build your database for marketing, sales, support, procurement, eCommerce, manufacturing, supply chain management, HR, financials and much more! In the past, we have built applications such as our Code Enforcement Software, Job Tracker Software, the Guides Database for Home Depot, various applications for Cox Communications, the Incident Reporting Database for Atlantic Southeast Airlines, and more.

NFI provides cutting-edge technology and customized database solutions for your company's specific needs to keep you on track while optimizing your company's performance and productivity.