Data Migration and Data Transformation

NFI's Data Migration and Data Transformation Consultants can help you with doing almost whatever you need in moving data from one application to another, from an older legacy system to a new one, cleaning up data, eliminating duplicate records, transforming field types, and much more. Sometimes you may not even need to move data, but rather extract/transform and load (ETL) it from a 3rd party source of information. We can do that for you as well.

Here are some examples of NFI's ETL work:

Harbinger Corporation was using an Executive Contact Management Database named Sharkware. This application, written in Sybase, had become too cumbersome for Harbinger to use on a day-to-day basis. In addition, Harbinger wanted to increase the scope of usage from just a select few executives and managers to the entire company and make it a corporate-wide contact database.

Narayan Sengupta of NFI migrated the entire Sharkware database to Outlook per the client's specifications. The project was completed 40% ahead of schedule and under budget.

Another example was the Italian Trade Commission, which had a need for taking selected US trade statistics and extract them to a report to be submitted to their clients. This required going through a 150,000 record HTSUS trade database CD, extracting just the desired 300 trade codes, and then ranking the Italian exports within those 300 versus the other top 5 countries. Previously, the Italian Trade Commission had been spending hours gathering this data and then re-entering the information into the final MS Word report. We found a way to expedite and automate the process, and make the data 100% accurate. This process was so successful that the Thai Trade Commission requested the same type of report, but for Thailand.

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