NFI Client List

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The following is a listing of some of our clients. Our work for these clients has involved everything from reconfiguring UNIX Servers to building large SQL Server or Oracle databases to staffing open temporary or permanent positions, to web applications, wireless web applications, and Data Transformation Services, Search Engine Optimization, sponsored marketing campaigns, web hosting and more.

Cox Communications · MCI · The Home Depot · Coca-Cola · Simmons Mattress Company · Unipro Food Services · Turner Broadcasting System · Manhattan Associates, Inc. · Hewlett-Packard · Deloitte-Touche · Atlanta Society of Financial Analysts · Alltel · The Carter Center · Harbinger, Inc. · Aaron Rents · Coalition America · Allgood Pest Solutions · Contemporary Catering · Balentine & Company · Paradise Concepts · The Great Gatsby's · Preston Phillips · The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company · Coss Technology Group · Gray & Company · Smyrna Insurance · Americom Research · Industrial Design Group · Atlanta Tech Law · Great Estates · SYNC, Inc. · Florence 2004 · Rock River Solutions · GuardedNet · Skyclimber · Steve Lance · Society to Certify · MKIPLAW · Woods Risk Brokers · Matrix Resources · DBA Group · Executive Corporate Living · Smythe Books · Smyrna, Georgia · TCPICS

Data Management

Business Intelligence
Financial Reporting
Data Auditing
Data Security
Data Migration
Process Automation

Some of Our Clients

Turner Broadcasting System
Home Depot
Great Gatsbys
Price Waterhouse Coopers/CBRE
Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA)
Cox Communications
Manhattan Associates