Atlanta Data Migration Consultants

Atlanta's NFI specializes in data migration and other data tasks: moving data, analyzing data, combining data, auditing data and capturing data. NFI develops databases: tables, queries, forms, reports, macros and the code to make everything easy for Users.

We build databases, support databases, maintain databases, migrate databases from one system to another, or anything else Clients want.

Sometimes source data is unstructured (not in a table) or semi-unstructured/semi-tabular in Microsoft Word, .pdf, .rtf or other such sources. Even such data can often be migrated to a database fairly quickly, efficiently and painlessly. It takes a combination of migration utilities and custom VBA code to design a repeatable batch process to import data into a database. Even then, it’s easier to make a little program to facilitate the import than to copy and paste one field of data, one record at a time, into a database.

This customization typically takes several hours up to several days, depending on how much data there is, how complicated it is, etc. But the rule of thumb is that each hour of this kind of work will save you many hours of manual data transfer. And then if you need to load another similar file, then the data import should be extremely easy.

Our business analysts work closely with End Users, develop specifications, do white board design sessions and much more. Need help? Please call us at 770-850-1640 or email for a free consultation. With Atlanta's NFI, it's that easy.

Harness the power of your data with NFI.

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Some of Our Clients

Turner Broadcasting System
Home Depot
Great Gatsbys
Price Waterhouse Coopers/CBRE
Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA)
Cox Communications
Manhattan Associates