Atlanta Business Intelligence Consultants

Atlanta Business Intelligence Consultants

Looking for Atlanta's Business Intelligence Consultants? Use NFI. Atlanta's NFI provides Business Intelligence Consulting Services. We'll analyze the data for you to confirm that great idea you have or to let you know that maybe there are better alternatives.

We develop the analytics, model data, we create forecasting systems, and we integrate various streams of data (.xlsx, .csv, .txt, Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Excel and more) for you. We build dashboards using Tableau, QlikView or Domo to give you the visualization tools you need.

You need good data to make good decisions. Need help? Please call us at 770-850-1640 or email for a free consultation. With Atlanta's NFI, it's that easy.

Go paperless. Digitize your workflow. Bypass your competition. Design the perfect algorithm. Spot trends. Identify future needs or help drive them. Deliver your products and services more efficiently than ever before.

What is your data strategy? Harness the power of your data with NFI.

Data Management

Business Intelligence
Financial Reporting
Data Auditing
Data Security
Data Migration
Process Automation

Some of Our Clients

Turner Broadcasting System
Home Depot
Great Gatsbys
Price Waterhouse Coopers/CBRE
Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA)
Cox Communications
Manhattan Associates